Homecoming Committee

Student Homecoming consists of an entire week of events culminating with the Homecoming Dance, which is sponsored by SAB. Homecoming is held during the fall semester around a men's or women's soccer game and is a student run committee. Events during this week include a performance by hypnotist Jim Wand, a pep rally at the end of the week to gear up the athletes for the weekend games and a variety of other fun events surrounding the theme for the week.

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Homecoming Coordinators (2)

The Homecoming Committee is composed of two overall Coordinators, who are selected by an application and interview process conducted by Student Life. These coordinators work diligently with the Homecoming Advisor in the planning and implementation of Homecoming and also appoint Sub-Committee Chairs to oversee the following aspects of Homecoming listed below.

In order to be considered for Homecoming Coordinator within Student Life, you must complete the 'Three Step Process' including:
1. Filling out the Online Application
2. Signing up for an interview
3. Showing up an individual interviews.

*Application process begins in December and Interviews held in February. As a Homecoming Coordinator you will gain extra experience in organization and management style, professional leadership development, and a great manner to give back to the Rockhurst community. This position is a paid leadership position.

Questions? Contact Megan Green, Assistant Director of Student Life
Homecoming Committees

This committee is responsible for campus-wide games and competitions through the week of homecoming. (ie. Speakers, bingo nights, movie night, flag football game competition, ect.)

This committee is responsible for the Coronation ceremony for the Homecoming Court. They are responsible for the court announcement, flowers, and coronation awards at the soccer game, and dance. They work very closely with the elections committee.

This committee is responsible for running the Homecoming elections for Court, including the polling, online nomination process, voting process, and candidate bios. They work very closely with the coronation committee.

Hawk Pride:
This committee is responsible for encouraging school and athletic pride across the Rockhurst campus through the coordination of the Pep Rally, selling promotion of Homecoming T-Shirts, and attendance for all Homecoming Events.

Golf Cart Parade:
This committee is responsible for coordinating the Homecoming Parade, including the management of entries, the selection of judges, categories and criteria for judging, the parade line-up, inspection of floats, securing the parade route, and distribution/announcement of winner.

This committee is responsible for all marketing of Homecoming events. Oversees the creation and usage of any official Homecoming artwork, the creation of press releases- Postcard mailers, Rockhurst Daily News (RDN), Sentinel, TVAds, poster designs, window display, banners, and campus decorations, ect.

This committee is responsible for assisting all chairs by keeping a record of meeting minutes, agendas, official correspondence, announcements, master calendar, and meeting attendance.

This committee is responsible for assisting the Coordinators by keeping a record of all budget, and payment for Homecoming events.

This committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Homecoming website, including both graphic design as well as committee and event information. This also includes any facebook maintenance.

*These sub-committees are tentative and may vary per year.