Asian Club

The purpose of the Asian Club is to enhance cultural awareness and diversity. It also serves to have a better understanding of different cultures, including history, physical and expressive arts, folklores and fairytales, and literature.

Asia Club Constitution (PDF)
Asia Club Advisor (PDF)

Meeting and Location:

Grace Chang

Shu-Fen Shih

National Affiliation:

Upcoming Events for 2011-2012

August – Free stuff fair/Organization booth

September 27 – Moon Festival Bake Sale (Asian Desserts)
Red bean buns, rice cake, mango pudding, Almond pudding, moon cake, cake

October 11 – Cross the Line (with BSU)

November 10 – Movie night (“Fusion”)

January 30-2 – Chinese New Years
Japanese Wishing tree Dragon Dance Movie night (TBD) Game Day

February 2 – Rice Bowl
Crab Rangoon, dumplings, spring rolls, Kim chi, buns

End of April – Asian/Pacific Islander month