Bibliographic References

For those desiring more information about Gabriel Marcel's life and work, here are links to PDF files of several biblio-biographies and lists of his works.

Recent Bibliography of Marcel Scholarship (PDF)

K.R. Hanley, Dramatic Approaches to Creative Fidelity: A study in the theater and philosophy of Gabriel Marcel (1997) (PDF)  

Information about Marcel's Original Manuscripts and Papers

The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, Austin, contains a number of Marcel's original manuscripts and papers. More information can be found on the Center's webpage and on the Center's Marcel Research page.

The Center also offers fellowships to scholars working on research projects. More information about these opportunities can be found on the Center's Research Fellowships' information page.

Additional Resources

The following information is reproduced as it appears in Appendices and Bibliography of Major Works on Gabriel Marcel in English and French published in Gabriel Marcel's Perspectives on The Broken World, Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 1998, ISBN 0-87462-617-X, Series Marquette Studies in Philosophy #18. Copyright Katharine Rose Hanley, 1998.

1) Appendix I (PDF)  is a biblio-biography, following a French convention of chronologically listing the major events and publications of an author's life.

2) Appendix II (PDF)  is a biblio-biography of Gabriel Marcel's entrance into the English-speaking world. This appendix lists chronologically the publication of English translations of Marcel's writing. Such a listing enables readers to perceive how Gabriel Marcel was introduced to and encountered by an English-speaking audience.

3) Appendix III (PDF) is a presentation of Gabriel Marcel's plays. The French titles are listed chronologically, followed by the equivalent English titles.

4) Appendix IV (PDF) is a presentation of Gabriel Marcel's philosophic books. Again the French titles are listed chronologically, followed by the equivalent English titles.

5) Appendix V (not included here) lists (in English) titles of Marcel's plays on the left-hand page and titles of his philosophic books on the right-hand page. A chronological and parallel listing of Marcel's plays and philosophic writings enables readers to note important aspects of his work. First, dramatic inquiry always precedes philosophic investigation. This is necessary to provide a concrete approach which alone allows for an encounter with mystery. Second, parallel chronological listing of dramatic and philosophic works demonstrates the important fact that Marcel's theater is a prospective theater of inquiry, not a theater contrived to illustrate philosophic theses or preconceived ideas. The Broken World and the philosophic meditation "Concrete Approaches to Investigating the Ontological Mystery" are printed in bold face type to accent visually the central and capital position these works hold in the development of Marcel's thought.

6)  Appendix VI (PDF)  lists Gabriel Marcel's books of drama criticism and cites Roger Troisfontaine's bibliography where interested readers can find exact references to Marcel's many articles of drama criticism in diverse periodicals.

7) Appendix VII (not reproduced here) lists some of Marcel's piano compositions, gives reference to the publication of some of his writings about music, and announces the availability of a compact disk featuring music by G. Marcel, G. Fauré, C. Debussy, and D. Saroglou.

8) Appendix VIII (not reproduced here) lists Resource Centers for Research in France and in the United States of America.

9) Bibliography of Major Works on Gabriel Marcel Works in English (PDF)

10) Bibliography of Major Works on Gabriel Marcel Works in French (PDF)

Autobiographical information may be found in:

Gabriel Marcel, Awakenings: a translation of Marcel's autobiography (by Peter S. Rogers). Milwaukee: Marquette U.P., 2002.

"An Essay in Autobiography," in The Philosophy of Existentialsim, Secaucus,NJ:Citadel Press, 1956, pp.104-28.

"An Autobiographical Essay," (Spring 1969) in The Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel. (The Library of Living Philosophers Vol.XVII), ed. Paul A. Schilpp and Lewis E. Hahn, La Salle, IL:Open Court, 1984, pp. 3-68.

Gabriel Marcel, En Chemin vers Quel Eveil?. Paris:Gallimard, 1971.  (Translated as Awakenings, referenced above.)