Student Transition & Success for Parents

Transitioning to college successfully is a key part of becoming a successful college student. Our hope is that each student seeks out the assistance they need to accomplish this.  There are many new things to adjust to and sometimes students feel bombarded by the demands of academics and the changes in their environment. Seeking assistance and developing good habits early are essential to this adjustment.

Rockhurst University has many qualified professional staff that are available to your student.
Director of New Students 816.501.4689

This office can assist and help problem solve about anything that might be interfering with your student’s success, such as roommate difficulties, academic problems, personal concerns, family situations, time management, etc. Parents need assistance too! Feel free to reach out to voice concerns or ask questions.

Academic Advising 816.501.4291
Academic Advising 816.501.4062
Academic Advising 816.501.4062

Assist students with academic questions and plan out class schedules and major requirements.

Campus Ministry 816.501.4303

Offers individual spiritual counseling, retreat opportunities and other group activities focused on getting students involved and comfortable at Rockhurst. Information related to religious services offered in the KC area is available.

Career Services 816.501.4061

Assists students in selecting a major and finding work study jobs, off campus part-time jobs and internships.

Counseling Center 816.501.4275

Individual counseling sessions are available free of charge to all fulltime students. Concerns ranging from anxiety, homesickness, relationship problems or depression are among the reasons that students seek counseling.

Learning Center 816.501.4813

Assists with academic concerns and offers tutoring in any subject.

Residence Life 816.501.4843

Room changes, roommate difficulties, disciplinary sanctions, meal plans, hall closings and all things related to living on campus are handled by this office.