Freshmen in Science Seminar - NS1000

Thursday 11:00am-12:15pm
Instructor: Paula Shorter

The purpose of this course, as part of the first-year experience for Freshmen interested in the sciences, is to help first-time college students succeed as they transition from high school to Rockhurst University and its tradition of Jesuit education. The Freshmen in Science Seminar, along with other first-year experiences, will facilitate student progress toward becoming an educated person by connecting students with resources, developing their learning skills and encouraging self reflection.

Syllabus (42KB PDF)

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Faculty Facilitators (28KB PDF)

Values Inventory

Values Inventory (124KB PDF)

Reflections Questions (124KB PDF)

Time Management Planner (28KB PDF)

The First Year Experience (FYE) at Rockhurst is designed to facilitate your transition to the University and it’s tradition of Jesuit education.  Our hope is that through Rockhurst experiences, you will engage at every level of the university and be reminded time and time again of the 5 learning goals for your first year. These experiences will facilitate your progress towards becoming an educated person by connecting you with the people and resources of Rockhurst. They will also help in developing your learning skills and encouraging self reflection. The outcomes you can aspire to are academic, personal and spiritual success! Through these three seminar courses each class exemplifies the following learning goals.

FYE 5 Learning Goals

  • Students will understand Rockhurst University’s mission and consider how they might respond to it’s call.
  • Students will examine and enhance their academic skills.
  • Students will become familiar with healthy habits and reflect upon how their choices affect their mental and physical well being.
  • Students will explore possible majors, minors and careers in light of their gifts and passions and develop an understanding/ appreciation for the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum.
  • Students will develop constructive relationships with faculty, staff and fellow students, and will become familiar with campus resources.