S.J. Crasnow, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Theology and Religious Studies


Office: Arrupe Hall 232

B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz

M.Ed. University of California, San Diego

M.A./Ph.D University of California, Riverside


S.J. Crasnow’s field of interest is contemporary American religion, with an emphasis on Judaism. Dr. Crasnow’s work is particularly centered on the intersection of religion, gender, and sexuality.


They* are currently at work on a book project that is tentatively titled Envisioning a Queer Judaism: Negotiating Normativity & Innovating Tradition. This book relies on ethnographic work conducted over nearly two years including seventy-one semi-structured interviews documenting the religious lives of queer and transgender (trans) Jews in Boston and Los Angeles. The primary interest of this work is to explore how queer and trans Jews adapt their religious lives in response to the privileging of heterosexuality and cisgender (non-transgender) identity, or even homophobia/transphobia, in normative Judaism. Dr. Crasnow has also had an article published on Jewish ritual innovated by queer and transgender Jews in The Journal of Contemporary Religion.


At Rockhurst, Dr. Crasnow regularly teaches courses on the religions of the world; Judaism; Islam; and religion, gender, and sexuality.



*S.J. Crasnow’s pronouns are they/them/theirs.