Randy Schwering, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management Business Administration
MA in Management


Office: Conway 316

Randy teaches courses in leadership, undergraduate and graduate capstone course, organizational behavior, strategy implementation and change. Both capstone courses are intended as integrative learning experiences occurring at the end of the degree program and they emphasize practical problem solving and opportunity development in real-world organizational contexts. Team consultative or issue analysis projects provide one of the primary contexts for learning and practice with skills and competencies gained in other disciplinary classes. Both capstone courses also address issues of competitive strategy, leadership and planned change.

Randy has received many honors and awards, including Exemplar of the Finest in Organizational Development Effectiveness, awarded by the Organizational Institute, Franklin Award by the U.S. Postal Service, Distinguished Research Award, and the Miller Distinguished Chair of Management to name a few.

Randy's research interests lie in leadership and planned change, environmental and social sustainability, information technology and technology evolution, innovation and cognitive sciences, and learning theory.

A member of several professional organizations and boards, Randy plays an active role with the American Society for Public Administration, Academy of Management, Plexus Institute and Organizational Development Institute.