Patricia Cleary Miller, Ph.D.

Professor of English English


Office: Sedgwick 311

"As a stallion full fed at the manger, stalled too long, breaking free of his tether gallops down the plain, out for his favorite plunge in a river's cool currents, thundering in his pride--his head flung back, his mane streaming over his shoulders, sure and sleek in his glory, knees racing him on to the fields and stallion-haunts he loves-- so down from Pergamus heights came Paris, son of Priam, glittering in his armor like the sun astride the skies, exultant, laughing aloud, his fast feet sped him on." 
 ca. 9th Century BCE, Homer 

  • B.A., Harvard/Radcliffe, 1961
  • M.A., University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1970
  • Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1979
  • Poet Laureate of the Harvard Alumni Association, 2004

Dr. Miller is Editor-in-Chief to the Rockhurst Review and Poet-in-Residence. She also teaches Creative Writing and publishes award-winning poetry.