Laura Janusik, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication Communication


Office: Van Ackeren 111

Past President (2010-2011) of the International Listening Association

Courses: Basic courses in communication and interpersonal communication. Advanced courses in listening, group communication, research methods, communication theory, and Capstone. Mentor undergraduates in communication research through independent study.

Research Interests: Listening cognitions and behaviors. Listening metacognitions. Application of cognitive psychology, brain, and biology research to communication research, particularly in the area of listening. Interpersonal communication in terms of listening and speaking strategies. Listening and learning, and the scholarship of teaching.

Recent Publications

Janusik, L.A. (2010). Listening pedagogy. Where do we go from here? In A. D. Wolvin (Ed.), Listening and Human Communication: 21st Century Perspectives. Oxford, England: Blackwell Publishing.

Janusik, L.A., & Wolvin, A.D. (2009). 24 hours in a day: A listening update to the time studies. International Journal of Listening, (23), 2, 104-120.

Janusik, L.A., Berko, R.M, & Graham, L. (2009).  Instructor’s resource manual for Berko, Wolvin, and Wolvin. Communicating: A social, career and cultural focus (11th ed.).Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

Janusik, L.A. (Guest Editor). (2008). Special edition: Listening in contexts. The International Journal of Listening, 22(2).

Janusik, L.A., & Wolvin, A.D. (2007). The communication research team as learning community. Education, 128(2), 169-185.

Halley, R.D., Janusik, L.A., and Bodie,G. D. (2007). The ghosts of listening past, present, and future: A primer on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going as a field. In M. Imhof (Ed.), Listen and make the connection! Proceedings of the 28th annual convention of the International Listening Association, Tonning, Germany  (pp.3-12). Der Andere Verlag.

Janusik, L.A. (2007). Establishing divergent validity for the conversational listening span (CLS).  In M. Imhof (Ed.), Listen and make the connection! Proceedings of the 28th annual convention of the International Listening Association, (pp.121-130). Tonning, Germany: Der Andere Verlag.

Janusik, L.A. (June 2007). Building listening theory: The validation of the conversational listening span. Communication Studies, 58(2), 139 – 156.

Imhof, M., & Janusik, L.A. (2006). Development and validation of the Imhof-Janusik listening concepts inventory to measure listening conceptualization differences between cultures. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 35(2), 79 - 98.

Valikoski, T.R., Ilomaki, I., Maki, E. & Janusik, L.A., (2005).Conversational Listening Span: A Comparative Study of American and Finnish Students. Prologos (Premier Journal of the Finnish Communication Association), 1, 88-108.

Janusik, L.A. (2005). Conversational Listening Span: A Proposed Measure of Conversational Listening. International Journal of Listening. 19, 14 – 30.


Editorial Boards

  • International Journal of Listening (IJL) – Editorial Board, 2006 – present
  • Western Journal of Communication – Editorial Board 2011- present
  • Special Subject Editor for Journal of Intercultural Communication Research