Self Help Resources

Coping Tips

52 proven stress reducers 
Relaxation strategies
Improving sleep 
Meditation and relaxation 
Coping holiday stress
Tips to beat the holiday blues
Reducing internal stress


National institute of mental health 
Understand depression 
About depression 
Depression information and treatment

Eating Disorders

The something-fishy site on eating disorders
Eating disorder information
Body Size Diversity and Acceptance
Disordered Eating: How to Help
Disordered Eating: What to Say

Facebook Safety

Safety on communal websites 

General Mental Health

National institute of mental health 
Face the issue 
U life line 
American college health association 

Grief and Bereavement

Grief recovery 

Helping a Distressed Student

Helping a distressed friend 
Helping a friend 
Ask, Listen, Refer program

Sexual and Domestic Violence

What to do if you are sexually assaulted 
Rape and incest survivors resources
MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault)
Hope House (Domestic Violence)
Rose Brooks Center (Domestic Violence)
Warning Signs of a Abusive Person (PDF)

Study Skills

Study skills and self-help information 
Overcoming test anxiety
Test-taking strategies

Stress and Anxiety Management

The Anxiety Network
Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment 
Reducing internal stress
National Institute of Mental Health

Substance Abuse

US Department of Health and Human Services
Alcohol abuse 
Alcohol help center

Suicide Prevention Information

American Association of Suicidology
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Jed Foundation
National Suicide Prevention Life Line