Counseling Center

Who is eligible for these services?
Services are available free of charge to all undergraduate and graduate, full-time and part-time Rockhurst University students, including those in the Accelerated Nursing Program.  

What type of counseling do you offer?
All counseling is personal and confidential. Counseling is available for an individual, a couple or a group. The center does not limit the number of counseling sessions available to eligible persons. In addition to personal counseling, you can learn different types of relaxation and stress management techniques. We also help with performance and test anxiety.

Is the information I share during counseling sessions always kept confidential?
All information discussed within counseling sessions is kept confidential.  Even if your RA or a professor walks you over to our offices, they cannot know if you ever attended any additional sessions or what you discussed without your written consent.  The exceptions to this rule are if you are in imminent danger of hurting yourself or others, and or disclose any type of abuse regarding a minor child or a vulnerable adult (elderly or disabled person).  In these situations, we are mandated by law to report information to the appropriate agencies or to intervene as necessary.  Only the Counseling Center staff has access to your counseling file.  It is completely separate from your academic record and no one may have access to any part of it without your specific written consent. 

I've never been to counseling before. What is it like?
Personal counseling is a healthy, normal process of interacting with a trained professional in a safe, confidential setting for the purpose of resolving or better understanding some challenging situation in one's life. Often a person may feel confused, anxious or overwhelmed, and yet considerable relief can be experienced in a few short sessions in the process of discussing one's private concerns with a professional.

Who are the professional staff members?
The clinical service staff consists of three full-time licensed psychologists and one graduate student intern.

Besides counseling, what other services are available?
The staff is trained and ready to provide speakers and workshops on a variety of mental health and interpersonal relations topics. Sometimes staff or faculty groups are stressed or in conflict and seek our team-building assistance or other organizational consultation. Sometimes entire classes want us to provide a program, like managing test anxiety.

If a friend of mine is having problems, how can I get them to come see you?
While we cannot make anyone seek counseling, often the direct expression of your concern to your friend, along with the center's phone number, (816) 501-4275, is enough to get him or her here. If not, you may want to call yourself to consult about this question.

What about hours and charges?
The Center is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. During the Fall and Spring semesters we have extended hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Counseling sessions are free to Rockhurst students.

How do I schedule an appointment for personal counseling?
Contact the receptionist at (816) 501-4275, or see the receptionist in Room 3 on the lower level of Massman, and request a counseling appointment.

Again, why should I go to counseling? And does it work?
We all experience stress at times. Sometimes it just helps to have one's experience validated by another. Sometimes we are looking to better deal with a personal crisis, a major loss, a family conflict, a relationship breakup, sexual issues or any matter that is personally troubling. Research during the past 20 years confirms that psychotherapy is effective for a wide range of personal and relationship problems.