Getting Started

Ready to take your Rockhurst work-study to the community? Getting started is easy! Here are the steps.

Make sure you are eligible for work-study.
Read the policies and procedures for Community Work Study.
Complete our online application form with your contact information and site preference.
Schedule an interview time with Alicia Douglas.
Interview and meet the staff/teachers at the community organization.
CWS orientation / training – important information about time cards and other procedures.
On-site orientation / training.
Get started tutoring youth at one of our community organization partner sites.

Below are useful one-pagers and forms pertaining to Community Work Study that you can download as pdf files.
One page overview (PDF) - Students and Community Partner Organization
Policies and Procedures (PDF) - Community Partner Organizations
Policies and Procedures (PDF) - Students
Mutual Expectations Agreement (PDF) - Students and Community Partner Organization
Verification of Work (PDF) - Students