Freshmen Seminars

Service learning is a vital component of the Freshman Seminar program.

Students enrolled in FS1100 or NS1000 should follow these steps to fulfill the service learning requirement of the course:

  • Review the service project options specific to your class - your instructor or facilitator will make these available.
  • Sign up for the project of your choice. Remember, when you sign up you must fulfill your commitment. People are counting on you!
  • Complete your service-learning project. Be sure to take a service transcript form to the project with you to have it signed by your project supervisor. Forms are available in VA 200G.
  • Complete the form and turn it into the Center for Service Learning VA 200G.
  • Complete a service learning journal entry or integrative paper assigned by your faculty member.

Students enrolled in BUS 1000 should arrange a team meeting with Julia Vargas to discuss your project design. Each team will design and implement a project of value to your team and the community.

For more information about service learning or a specific project, please contact Julia Vargas at or