"Students in service-learning engage more passionately with social issues, perform research more seriously, and take greater ownership of their own learning."
Dr. Daniel Martin, Associate Professor, English

Rockhurst faculty members teach service-learning classes for a number of reasons:

  1. Promote engaged learning
  2. Develop critical thinking skills 
  3. Extend diversity 
  4. Encourage social activism and sense of responsibility to community
  5. Develop civic skills
  6. Facilitate career exploration 

Rockhurst courses that may include service-learning in the curricula
(depending on instructor and section):

College of Arts and Sciences

BL 1150 Biology of the Contemporary Scene

BL 1300 General Biology II

BL 3620 Cell Biology

BL 3350 Plant Biology

BL 3610 Genetics

BL 3900 Biology Field Trip – Nicaragua

BL 4800 Evolution

CH 1050 Principles of General Chemistry

CH 2610 General Chemistry I

CH 2650 Honors Chemistry I

CH 2630 General Chemistry II

CT 2040 Interpersonal Communication

CT 3500 Introduction to Public Relations

CT 4940 Communication Capstone

EN 1110 College Composition I

EN 1140 Composition

FS 1100 First Year Seminar

FR 1100 Fundamentals of French I

FR 3700 Intro to French Literature

FR 3850 Francophone Cultures

FR 3873 Senegalese Literature & Culture

HS 3810 History of Women in America

NS 1000 Freshman in Science

NS 1210 Environmental Science

PH 1700 Physics Concepts & Connections I

PH 1750 Physics Concepts & Connections II

PL 1100 Reality and Human Existence

PY 3440 Adult Development and Aging

SP 1100 Fundamentals of Spanish I

SP 2100 Intermediate Spanish I

SP 3100 Advanced Conversation/ Composition 1

SP 3150 Advanced Conversation/Composition II

TA 1000 Introduction to Theatre Arts

Helzberg School of Management

BUS 1000 Freshmen Introduction to Business Seminar

MG 3300 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

MG 6100 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Graduate and Professional Studies

CD 4501 Ethnography of Communication

CD 6122 Aphasia

CD 6124 Cognitive Communication Disorders in Adults

ED 6030 Technology in the Classroom: Applications & Implications

NP 1110 Intro to Nonprofit Organizations

NP 3000 Administration of Nonprofit Organizations

NP 3020 Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

NP 3070 Community Engagement                      

NP 3090 Volunteer Management & Program Planning

OT 5550 Fieldwork I Evidence Based Practice

OT 6400 Fieldwork I: Evaluation, Intervention, and Outcomes

OT 6410 Pediatrics and Developmental Disabilities

OT 6560 Musculoskeletal Assessment and Intervention

PT 6006 Health Promotion

PT 7342 Physical Therapy Management of Pediatric Conditions

PT 7344 Physical Therapy Management of Pediatric Conditions Lab