Grants & Fellowships

Rues Distinguished Teacher/Scholar Fellowship


Named in honor of Dr. Jane Rues, who exemplified a commitment to and excellence in the teaching and learning process, the purpose of the Rues Distinguished Teacher/Scholar Fellowship is to promote excellence in teaching at Rockhurst University. As part of its commitment to teaching excellence, the University seeks to recognize its distinguished Teacher/Scholars and draw upon their talents. This Program honors and supports faculty members who will take an active role in enhancing teaching and learning in a way that will make a difference to the University and its students. Each applicant should propose a specific activity that will foster that goal. This activity is envisioned as a one-semester enterprise.

The objective of the Rues Distinguished Teacher/Scholar Fellowship is to offer talented faculty members not only recognition, but an opportunity to engage in an in-depth analysis of the craft and art of teaching, consider new approaches, and put their insights to work in ways that will benefit significantly their students and the campus community. This program is intended to impact teaching on this campus.


This program enables recipients to design, implement, and assess instructional innovation that has a high probability of enhancing education at Rockhurst University. The projects most likely to be funded are those that clearly align with priorities established in both the Campus Strategic Plan and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). Activities that may be supported by Teaching Advancement grants include:

  1. Projects that strengthen excellence in instruction by way of teacher-to-teacher mentoring and evaluation. Possible activities might include coordinating a series of presentations or workshops by exemplary teachers or seminars in which the Rues Distinguished Teacher/Scholar Fellow facilitates a dialogue regarding the scholarship of teaching and learning; or observing and interviewing faculty across disciplines who are considered thoughtful, effective teachers.
  2. Projects that improve existing courses. Viable improvements include the incorporation of innovative educational technologies, or the development of community-engagement opportunities.
  3. Instructional research that examines the effectiveness of some aspect of instructional practice or that develops methods to measure instructional effectiveness. One form of instructional research is known as the scholarship of teaching and learning, or SoTL. The International Institute for SoTL Scholars and Mentors (IISSAM) (formerly known as CASTL) is a national resource for scholars at Rockhurst interested in SoTL, and is supported by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).

Programmatic proposals will be submitted to the Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). While conducting their proposed activities, successful applicants will hold one-semester appointments as Fellows in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), to enhance the visibility of the scholarship of teaching.

Guidelines for Applications

Candidates can be tenured faculty or members of the instructional faculty with at least two years full time teaching experience at Rockhurst.

All applications must be received by the Director of CETL on the published deadline date.

Selections will be made by the Director of CETL and a CETL advisory panel and announced by October 19th. Successful applicants will receive a $3,500 stipend as financial assistance for their proposed activities, including the cost of instructional enhancements and for dissemination of the project’s outcomes. Additionally, funds covering the cost of a one course reduction for the Spring 2013 semester will be provided to the recipient’s academic unit for course coverage. The application must include a curriculum vitae and a proposal of activities to be undertaken. A brief budget must be included, detailing how the award funds will be utilized.

The primary goal of this program is for the individual to strengthen instruction and learning on our campus. Applicants are invited to address questions to the Director of CETL. The CETL advisory panel reserves the right to work with applicants to refine the proposed activity.