Program Assessment Workshop (PAWS) January 5-7, 2011
This workshop is designed to assist faculty in developing and implementing appropriate assessment procedures to determine the accomplishments of departmental or programmatic expectations, inform faculty about relevant issues affecting the major/program and student learning, determine whether intended outcomes are being achieved, and use assessment results to improve departmental/program operations. Participants are expected to develop an assessment plan, collect data, and meet with department/program colleagues to use outcomes data to improve department/program outcomes. A faculty stipend is available for all participants.

Global Perspectives Course (re)Design Workshop February 25 and April 18, 2011
The workshop is intended to support the University-wide learning goal of "International and Cultural Understanding," to help students appreciate cultural differences and commonalities and to cultivate in them "the ability to interact with sensitivity and alertness as citizens of the world." The workshop is intended as well to invite greater participation in the Global Perspectives core requirement from a variety of disciplinary perspectives (especially those that have been underrepresented to date in GPR course offerings). The workshop is being offered in order to support the efforts of faculty interested in designing or redesigning a course to enhance its global content and/or more deeply to engage students with global perspectives. We expect that most of the (re)design work would take place during Summer 2011, with the work reaching completion by Fall 2011. A faculty stipend is available.

Course Embedded Assessment (CEA) May 2011 (please check back for specific dates)
Involvling the assessment of actual work produced by students in courses, course embedded assessment assesses the learning outcomes of a course, rather than the grade of an individual student. Using direct and indirect assessment tools, course embedded assessment is used to improve the quality of the student learning process. This workshop assists faculty in developing the fundamental skills necessary for effective course embedded assessment, including development of learning outcomes, methods of assessment, and data analysis. A faculty stipend is available.