Rockhurst Review

Rockhurst University's fine arts journal publishes poems, short stories, satirical essays, photographs, and black and white photographs of drawings, paintings and sculptures.

The journal costs $5; back issues $4.

Patricia Clearly Miller, Ph.D., moderator

Recent News:

Submissions Requested for Fine Arts Journal
Rockhurst Review, which is published each spring through Rockhurst's English department, is accepting original, previously unpublished poems, essays, short fiction, drama and artwork for its journal.
Guidelines for submission include: fiction, not to exceed 2,500 words; dramas not to exceed 10 pages; poems not to exceed 10 pages with a five-poem maximum; essays not to exceed 2,500 words; and art not to exceed five black/white or color glossy photographs and photographs of one's own artwork.
Include a brief biography, address, phone number, e-mail address and cover letter.

Submissions may be sent electronically to in a Word document attachment or in the body of the email. Please format the subject line of the email with your name and the word "submission" to help us track it, like this:

"John Smith - Submission" or mail your entries with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Patricia Clearly Miller
Rockhurst Review
Rockhurst University
1100 Rockhurst Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64110-2561

Manuscripts will not be returned. Expect a mid/late spring notification of acceptance. Electronic submissions preferred.

For more information, contact The Center for Arts and Letters at 816-501-4607 or