Religious Holidays








15 Feast of the Assumption of Mary C/Catholic Special Worship


30 Paryushan Jain Special Worship






5 Krishna Janmashtami Hindu Work-Restricted


14-15 Rosh Hashanah Jewish Work-Restricted


23 Yom Kippur Jewish Work-Restricted


24 Íd al-Adha Islam Work-Restricted


27- Oct. 4 Sukkot Jewish Work-Restricted (1st and 2nd Day)






4-5 Shemini Atzeret Jewish Work-Restricted


5-6 Simchat Torah Jewish Work-Restricted


19-20 Birth of the Bab Bahá'í Work-Restricted






1 All Saints' Day C/Catholic Special Worship


2 All Souls' Day Catholic Meaningful


11 Diwali Hindu, Jain Special Worship


11 Bandi Chhor Divas Sikh Work-Restricted


12 Baháúllah's Birthday Bahá'í Work-Restricted


16 Remembering the Martyrs of the UCA Secular Meaningful


24 Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Sikh Work-Restricted


25 Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Sikh Work-Restricted


26 Thanksgiving Federal Meaningful


29 Advent Season Begins Christian Meaningful






3 Feast of St. Francis Xavier C/Catholic Meaningful


6-14 Hanukkah Jewish Special Worship


8 Bodhi Day Buddhist Special Worship


8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception C/Catholic Special Worship


12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe C/Catholic Meaningful


25 Christmas Christian Special Worship


26-Jan 1 Kwanzaa Ethnic Meaningful