Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Students Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Undergraduate evening students have different tuition and fees.
Summer 2015 Tuition & Fees

Tuition per semester (12-18 hours) $17,000
Tuition per credit hour (under 12 or over 18 hours) $1,134.00
Tuition per credit hour for evening classes (after 4 p.m.) $567.00
Tuition per credit hour for Alumni Discount Program (limit one course) Half Price
Tuition per credit hour for 60+ Program (1-11 hours) $567.00
Tuition per semester for 60+ Program (12-18 hours inclusive) $8,507.00
Tuition per course for 60+ Program (non-credit) $200.00
Residence Halls (per year)
Xavier and Loyola Halls, (upper-classmen) Double Occupancy $5,100.00
Xavier and Loyola Halls, (upper-classmen) Single Occupancy $7,662.00
Corcoran, (men) Double Occupancy $5,755.00
Corcoran, (men) Single Occupancy $8,650.00
McGee, (women) Double Occupancy $5,755.00
McGee, (women) Single Occupancy $8,650.00
Student Townhouse Village (upper-classmen, per year)
Six Persons (two bedroom) $6,450.00
Four Persons (two bedroom) $7,570.00
Six Persons (three bedroom) $7,570.00
Two Persons (one bedroom) $7,820.00
On-Campus Housing (per year)
On-Campus House - North Side of Campus $6,890.00
On-Campus House - South Side of Campus $6,890.00
Food Service Meal Plan (per year)
150 Block + $300 Meal Plan $3,300.00
200 Block + $200 Meal Plan $3,500.00
All Access + $150 Meal Plan $3,710.00
Declining Balance $825 Plan $1,650.00
Parking (per semester)
Parking Fee (per semester) $125.00

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. All residence hall rooms include telephone service, voice mail, cable, Internet access and air conditioning. See a list of course-related and special fees.