Welcome to the Office of Access Services

The access office coordinates services for students with disabilities and acts as a resource center for information and guidance. Many services are provided which are designed to benefit students and assist them in both their academic and non-academic life. At Rockhurst University, the student access office is responsible for ensuring that students with documented disabilities receive equal access to programs offered on campus by providing reasonable accommodations.

Mission Statement

Rockhurst University is committed to providing equal opportunities for all. This is consistent with the Catholic and Jesuit nature of the institution whose mission involves "trying to maintain an atmosphere of respect and sensitivity toward the ultimate dignity of every person." This is based on Rockhurst's core value of being a "caring community, including personal care for every student and a sensitivity toward the dignity and sacredness of every person." In this spirit, the access office offers services in order to provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to participate and benefit from the institution's programs and services. This office serves as a resource for students, staff and faculty in order to provide clear and accurate information regarding support services offered for students with disabilities at Rockhurst University.