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General Guidelines (PDF)
Documenting a Learning Disability (PDF)
Documenting a Medical Disability (PDF)
Documenting a Psychological or Psychiatric Disability (PDF)
Documenting ADD and ADHD (PDF)

Testing Center Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Service Animal and Emotional Animal Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

If I contact the access office, is what I disclose confidential?
Yes! Anything that is discussed by the student to the access office director is confidential. If a student qualifies for accommodations, the office then contacts the faculty member(s) involved to inform them of accommodations. Section 504 of the Rehabiliation Act of 1973 states that any information regarding a person's disability shall be considered confidential and shall be shared with others only on a need-to-know basis. Therefore, the access office only informs faculty members of the accommodations to be made, not the nature of the disability. Confidential information is kept in a separate file with limited access in order to maintain confidentiality.

Where is the access office?
The access office at Rockhurst University is located in the lower level of Massman Hall in the student development hallway.

Whom do I contact?
Sandy Waddell is the director of the access office, and can be reached at 816-501-4689, Rockhurst University Student Development, 1100 Rockhurst Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64110.