Writing Overview

Rockhurst University awards a certificate in writing through regular courses offered in the department of English. Lower-division requirements establish proficiency in written communication. This requirement may be fulfilled by taking EN 1110 and EN 1120, or EN 1140, or EN 1150. After establishing written proficiency, students may then elect to take any four of the following: EN 3110, EN 3140, EN 3150, EN 3160, EN 3170, EN 3180, EN 3190, EN 4100, EN 4120, EN 4150, EN 4160, EN 4180, EN 4190, or EN 4920. A grade of C or better is required in each upper-division course for the certificate. (A grade of C- will not satisfy the requirement.) A certificate in writing is not available to students seeking a major or minor in English.

Students will receive a certificate certifying that they have completed the prescribed course of study. An official transcript of these courses is also kept on permanent file at the Registrar’s Office for further verification of courses completed.

A Certificate in Writing is also available in the evening through the Evening Program in the College of Health and Human Services. Contact the CHHS academic advisor at 816-501-4062 for further information.