Theatre Arts Overview

The Theatre Minor consists of 1 lower division, (Acting I or Intro to Tech) and 3 upper division courses (any), plus 3 credits of practicum.

Lower division courses include:

TA 1000 Introduction to Theatre Arts- 
           every Fall semester (not part of minor)
TA1100 Theatre Movement: Basic
TA 1200 Acting I
TA 1300 Introduction to Technical Theatre
TA 1020 Live Theatre in New York
TA 1040 Live Theatre in Kansas City
TA 1050 Live Theatre Experience
TA 1100 & TA 1200 Theatre Movement 
(not all offered every semester, look for rotation)

Upper division courses include:

TA 3000 Script Analysis
TA 3200-3207 Studio Performance, (eight rotating genres often taught by local artists)
TA 3200 American Classics
TA 3201 Musical Theatre
TA 3202 Elizabethan Theatre
TA 3203 Voice and Disction
TA 3204 Greek and Roman
TA 3205 Theatrical/Absurd
TA 3206 Modern
TA 3207 Commedia and Clowning
TA 3250 Directing
TA 3400 & 3420 Theatre Histories
TA 3650 Looking Critically at Film and Stage
TA 3100 Stage Movement III

Practica & Directed Studies topics (3 practica = one course) 

The Theatre program is committed to a broad-based, liberal arts approach that combines knowledge and experiential learning in order to develop students' ability to think creatively, critically and collaboratively.