Traditional Physics Major and Minor

Rockhurst offers both a major and minor in traditional physics. The major track leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and consists of 18 upper-division credit hours of physics and a minimum of three hours of upper-division coursework in mathematics.

The traditional physics major is recommended for students considering graduate studies in research or applied physics.

A strength of the physics major lies in its emphasis on applied physics, which allows you to choose either immediate employment after graduation in a large number of technological fields, or graduate study in physics, mathematics or various branches of engineering.


Students will complete introductory coursework in general physics and upper-division physics coursework in courses such as Modern Physics, Dynamics and Statics, Electric Circuits, Thermodynamics and Optics. In addition, mathematics is required through Differential Equations.

Traditional Physics Minor

This traditional physics minor consists of 12 upper-division credit hours, including two, three-credit hour courses at the 3000-4000 level, as well as two, three-credit hour courses at the 4000 level.

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