Student Testimonials

Melissa Hager ’11

Currently a third year medical student at KCUMB

“As the Dean of the College of Medicine addressed us regarding the foundations of our medical education, he presented us this image, showing the importance of an integrated understanding of biology, chemistry, and PHYSICS in medical education.”

“. . . you can imagine how having that extra knowledge in the physics of medicine will be a HUGE benefit as I begin my studies.”

Rachel Stocke ’12

Currently a second year PT student at University of Nebraska Medical Center

“I can honestly say that the Physics of Medicine Minor was my best academic decision in my undergraduate career. POM really gave me an edge over my classmates in my graduate school physiology class this semester. Each unit in the class incorporated components from our POM minor. In addition, the higher level of critical thinking required in POM was essential practice for a graduate course load. I cannot thank you enough for developing this program and for challenging us all the way through.”

Katie Schielker ’12

Currently a PT student at University of Iowa

“I am currently in my second year of Physical Therapy school at the University of Iowa. We are currently taking Radiology & Imaging for Physical Therapists in our final semester (I believe Iowa is one of the few schools with this class in their curriculum) and we had our first exam last Thursday. I wanted you to know how beneficial your classes were to my understanding of the concepts discussed in class and covered on this exam. I received a 98% and was able to apply much previous knowledge from your teaching and touring the different medical imaging departments of the hospital. This is only one of the many times I have used information from one of your classes in graduate school.”

Courtney Stocke ’13

Currently a PT student at Rockhurst

“PT school is going well and I cannot stress enough how much having a foundation in physics has helped me thus far. Many of my non-Rockhurst classmates have expressed how much they wish they would have had the types of physics programs at their respective universities that we have at Rockhurst. It's definitely given me a great advantage in many of my courses thus far!“