Minor Requirements

Maximize your potential for acceptance into graduate Medical and healthcare programs!

Combine with a major that fits your career goals

Great Minor for:
Pre-Med, Pre-PT, Pre-Vet, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-OT, Pre-CSD, Pre-Dental, Exercise Science

POM Minor Requirements
FOUR Upper Level Courses:
12 hrs.  (one per semester)


PH 3200 : Physics of the Body I
(offered fall odd semesters)       

PH 3210: Physics of the Body II
Undergraduate research
(offered spring even semesters)

Choose 2 from the following 4 courses:

PH 3240:  Physics of Medical Imaging (offered spring odd semesters)
PH 4900:  Statistics for the Health Sciences (offered spring odd semesters)
PH 4400:  Optics (with medical focus – offered fall even semesters)
MT 3260:  Mathematical Modeling (offered fall even semesters)

Pre-req courses needed in first two years:

One year of Introductory Physics:
PH 1700/1710 and PH 1750/1760 OR PH 2800/2810 and PH 2900/2910
Calculus I

For more information, contact:

Dr. Nancy Donaldson, x4634
Chair, Physics Dept.