Physical Therapy Testimonials

Students form the heart and soul of Rockhurst's PT program and are a driving force in our campus community. Each student joins a roster of outstanding colleagues and classmates and, in turn, makes us more interesting and diverse.

We are strengthened by strategic partnerships between students and faculty, students and clinicians, students and the global community, and student-to-student relationships. Here, students have a say in things:

I chose Rockhurst's program because from the time I met with a faculty member as a senior in high school I felt like I was wanted here! And after being here for two years, it's like one big family. The faculty cares about the success of the students and treats us like colleagues rather than just students. Coming to PT school at Rockhurst was the best decision I ever made for school!!
Emily Levy (PT '13)

I knew Rockhurst was right for me the moment I came and visited. The teachers here are so enthusiastic about the program, the field, and our success! I feel as though I am exactly where I need to be.  I love that every day I learn something new and not from just one side. Our classes are open discussions to get us constantly thinking in different ways.
Ashley Wiesner (PT '14)

In the Rockhurst DPT program, our professors make it clear that teaching students is their primary objective. They truly embody the University's core value of 'cura personalis' (care for the whole person). Our professors have helped me to balance the demands of school with the demands of being a father and a husband. I am excited to be part of the physical therapy profession, but the quality of our professors make me proud to be part of the Rockhurst DPT program.
Jordan Zuccarelli (PT '14)