What Rockhurst Students are Saying about Philosophy

"It was the first real course that made my think about my beliefs. I like the fact that the thinking in class carried over outside of class." Philosophy/Political Science Majors; Psychology Minor 2008

"When I took the introductory course I was hooked. I am interested in medicine and realized the importance of the nature of the human person in relation to this field." Philosophy/Psychology Majors; Catholic Studies Minor, 2006

"I think philosophy has given me a chance to examine my personal beliefs and helped give me perspective on why other people hold and justify different beliefs from my own." Philosophy/ Political Science/Economics Majors; History Minor, 2009

"I enjoyed the way philosophy made me think and write." Philosophy/Psychology Major; Management Minor, 2001

"Philosophy helped me see that when a problem arises I should not blow it out of proportion but calmly study and overcome it." Philosophy Major/Political Science Majors; English Minor, 2002

"Philosophy has prepared me to be a better, more effective thinker and nurse." Philosophy/Nursing Majors, 2009

"Philosophy has helped to expand my worldview, so I'll be able to connect with people from other cultures better." Philosophy/English Majors; Secondary Education Minor, 2010

"Philosophy helped me improve my reading and writing skills as well as my ability to form and recognize arguments." Philosophy/Political Science Majors; Spanish Minor, 2011

"The program is great! Classes are interesting and engaging. Faculty are wonderful, and electives are challenging but not too difficult!" Philosophy/Exercise Science Majors; Biology Minor, 2010

"The Philosophy Society, Phi Sigma Tau, has allowed students and professors to gather several times a semester to talk about philosophical problems and ideas. I really enjoyed it." Philosophy Major, 2009

"I know that the logical methods of thinking that I have learned in philosophy will be useful in my legal education." Philosophy/Political Science/French Majors, 2003

"The most important thing I feel I am taking away from my studies in philosophy is a confidence that my faith can be supported through philosophy and reason." Philosophy/Mathematics and Physics Majors; Computer Science Minor, 2009

"I highly recommend philosophy as a major because it is so versatile and will be relevant no matter what one chooses to do in life." Philosophy/Political Science Majors, 2003

"I know what I believe, but now I have reasoning behind what I believe." Philosophy/Political Science Majors, 2010

"Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Berkeley are amongst the many intriguing philosophers I studied. I liked the arguments for God's existence and discussion of political theories in particular." Philosophy Major, 2010

"Philosophy is a broad subject that impacts every other subject and the outlook or worldview of someone." Philosophy/Accounting Majors, 2011

"Being exposed to many ethical schools of thought will allow me to see issues from several perspectives. Philosophy courses forced me into uncomfortable positions that have challenged my values and what I believe. I think it is a respectable quality to know one has gone through this examination and will continue to do so." Philosophy/Biology Majors, 2011

"I enjoy learning about the Ancient Greeks, especially the Big Three (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle)!" Philosophy/Molecular Biology Majors, 2011

"Rockhurst has an outstanding group of Philosophy professors that are a huge asset to this University!" Philosophy/Biology/Nursing Majors, 2002

"Philosophy will always be important because it seeks to answer the fundamental questions of the reason and purpose of life, which will always be important to me." English/Economics Majors, 2003

"Aquinas, John Hick, Rousseau, Nietzsche, ideas of God and evil in the world and questions of morality and politics were the ones I found most interesting." Philosophy/Political Science Majors, 2011

"Philosophy provides a different outlook; it provides a way to analyze and appreciate everything from any intellectual area." Philosophy/Nursing Majors; Theology Minor, 2012

"The Department is a bunch of brilliant minds in such small offices!" Philosophy/Theology Majors, 2010

"I enjoy the subject. I find the content more applicable to life than most majors." Philosophy/Psychology Majors; Business Marketing Minor, 2010

"The interest in logical structure and argumentation will be helpful. Also, my primary interest is history of economic thought which is heavily populated by philosophers." Philosophy/Economics/Mathematics Majors; English Minor, 2011

(Taken from the Department Survey of Philosophy Majors completed anonymously each year by graduating seniors.)