Leadership Studies Curriculum

Suggested Schedule for Major

Several courses in the LS program are offered in convenient half-semester sessions. Others span the full 15-week semester.

First Fall
Ethical Theory (15-week)
Leadership Theory and Practice (half semester)
Presentational Speaking (half-semester)

First Spring
Statistics (15-week)
Organizational Change (half-semester)
Conflict Resolution (half-semester)

Second Fall
Ethical Problems (15-week)
Research in Organizational Leadership (half-semester)
Organizational Communication (half-semester)

Second Spring
Capstone (half-semester)
Business Writing (half-semester)
Seminar in Group Interaction (half-semester)

Fifth-Year MBA Option
Students pursuing a major in Leadership Studies should consider pairing it with a minor in business. Not only is it excellent career preparation, but it also opens the door for admission to Rockhurst’s Fifth-Year MBA program.