LT 1100. Introduction to Latin I (4)
Integrates a study of basic Latin with its culture. A variety of methods are used to develop competence in vocabulary, sound patterns, forms, structure and elementary texts. A perceptive approach to language in general is gained by seeing English in relationship to Latin and how its linguistic root system is applicable.

LT 1150. Introduction to Latin II (4)
Continuation of LT 1100 with selected reading. Prerequisite: LT 1100 or approval of instructor.

LT 2100. Intermediate Latin I (3)
A systematic review and expansion of Latin grammar with increased knowledge of history and culture through study of Latin narrative from major prose works. Prerequisite: LT 1150 or approval of instructor.

LT 2150. Intermediate Latin II (3)
Development of reading skills, cultural awareness and linguistic base. Selections from the writings of a major poet are included. Prerequisite: LT 2100 or approval of instructor.