Tutor Preparation

Tutor preparation is offered to qualified students.

Students who qualify have the opportunity to be prepared and work as tutors and SI leaders. These are all paid, part-time positions.

How are tutors selected?
Students who excel academically, possess strong interpersonal communication skills, and are recommended by their professors are considered for positions as tutors in the Aylward-Dunn Learning Center.

How are tutors prepared?
Our tutoring program has been designed to provide tutors with information about topics such as active listening, effective questioning, reading for understanding, and setting goals for tutoring sessions. Tutor support is ongoing; once tutors are hired in the spring, they begin to receive information that will help them be a successful tutor. Often tutors have specialized sessions led by the faculty in their tutoring area.

SI leaders are required to attend workshops at the beginning of their first semester as SI leaders. The training covers such topics as how students learn, instructional strategies aimed at strengthening student academic performance, data collection, and management details. They meet on a weekly basis with the Learning Strategies Coordinator.

Tutors who cover writing sessions learn through a combination of strategies. They meet regularly with the Writing Coordinator in the Aylward-Dunn Learning Center to discuss writing theory and tutoring strategies, and they work under the ongoing supervision of the Aylward-Dunn Learning Center Staff.