Supplemental Instruction

"The SI leaders were very helpful in clearing up the material in class that I had trouble understanding."

"I would not have done nearly as well as I did without the SI sessions."

Supplemental Instruction (SI) takes a unique approach to academic support. Rather than targeting students who are at risk, the program identifies high risk courses, often those taken by beginning students. All students in these courses have the option of attending study sessions led by SI leaders who have already successfully completed the course and are currently attending the class. The goal is to help students master course content while they develop and integrate learning and study strategies. Generally, students who participate in SI sessions earn higher course grades and persist in courses at a higher rate than non-SI participants.

In close association with SI sessions are study groups, which are also led by students who have successfully completed the class and are recommended by the professor to led students in intense review of course materials. The difference between the two programs is slight: the study group leaders are not able to attend the class itself, but they still meet regularly with the professor to make sure their materials are in line with the class's progression. SI and study groups are available for selected courses.