Points of Distinction

New Book by Professor Jason Arthur.  In April 2013, University of Iowa Press published Jason Arthur’s Violet America: Regional Cosmopolitanism in U.S. Fiction since the Great Depression, in its New American Canon series. In this book, Arthur challenges conventional ideas associated with the term regional. He argues that writers such as James Agee, Jack Kerouac, Maxine Hong Kingston, Russell Banks, and Jonathan Franzen apply a regional imagination to matters that are national, global, and cosmopolitan. He shifts away from polarizing notions like red vs. blue, rural vs. urban, and moves us toward a richer sense of the interdependence of America’s diverse cultural landscape. Arthur brings new subtleties to recent works of U.S. fiction, offering readers and scholars a more nuanced way of fitting them into American literary history, and offering us all a more thoughtful way of understanding ourselves.


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