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Graduate Student Fee Funds
Graduate student fee funds are made available to assist and encourage student activities and student development appropriate to the enhancement of graduate learning.  These funds provide an opportunity for some financial assistance to graduate students in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) toward this end.  

The Graduate Student Fee Fund (PDF) instructions detail the myriad of benefits to graduate students of these funds.  To apply, submit the Graduate Student Fee Fund Application Form.

Ignatian Outstanding Student Teacher Award

The Department of Education awards the Ignatian Outstanding Student Teacher Award to those individuals who actively seek to promote Ignatian pedagogy.  These student teachers consistently model the ideals and principles of the Department of Education Conceptual Framework and the Missouri Beginning Teacher Standards.  These student teachers find God in all things, and live the spirit of Saint Ignatius of Loyola through discernment, magis, reflection, and wisdom.

Award Recipients

Spring, 2012 Ignatian Outstanding Student Teachers
Anne Brotherton, BA
Elizabeth Weber, M.Ed.

Fall, 2011 Ignatian Outstanding Student Teachers
Monica McCarty, BA
Andrew Wallenberg, M.Ed.

Spring, 2011
Kristine Silver, BA, Elementary Education
Kimberly Sirridge, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Mathematics

Fall, 2010
Nathan Stewart, BA, Elementary Education
Sara Freeman, M.Ed., Secondary Education, English

Spring, 2010
Emily Adrignola, BA, Elementary Education
Constance Martin, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Social Science

Fall, 2009
Michelle Bolliger, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Biology
Aaron Duff, M.Ed., Secondary Education, English 
Elizabeth Suenram, M.Ed., Secondary Education, English
Sara Waller, M.Ed., Elementary Education

Spring, 2009
Joseph LeRoy, B.S., Secondary Education, Mathematics
Jennifer Damti, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Biology

Fall, 2008
Carter Caywood, M.Ed., Secondary Education, English 
Kathryn Sanfle, M.Ed., Spanish Spring, 2008
Kelly Miller, M.Ed., Secondary Education, English 
Alan Penrose, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Business

Fall, 2006
Mishonta Flowers, B.A. in Elementary Education

Spring 2006
Justin Cimino, M.Ed. Elementary Education

Spring 2005
Cate Starr, B.A. in Elementary Education
Andrew Plaster, B.A. in Secondary Education, Social Studies
Ignatius Alonso, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Biology
Martha Ramos Drone, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Spanish
Jeffrey Nevinski, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Mathematics
Kalli Williams, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Social Studies

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