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Since its inception in 2000, the Thomas More Center has sponsored a number of public presentations on the Rockhurst University campus by nationally-known Catholic scholars and artists.  These speakers have addressed a number of significant and relevant topics, and have contributed to the on-going University discussion of its identity and the application of its mission values to various areas of human achievement.

David J. O'Brien (College of the Holy Cross), "Catholic Studies and the Renewal of American Catholicism," February 13, 2001

David Tlapek (independent film producer), "The Hidden Gift: War and Faith in Sudan," April 5, 2001

Ron Hansen (Santa Clara University), "Religion and the Arts," February 7, 2002

Richard Gyug (Fordham University), "El Camino de Santiago: Past and Present on the Road to Compostela," January 23, 2003

R. Scott Appleby (University of Notre Dame), "Religious Violence in Comparative Perspective," March 24, 2003

Todd D. Whitmore (University of Notre Dame), "Catholic Social Teaching and its Applicability to Rockhurst University," February 18, 2004

Michael Cuneo (Fordham University), "Almost Midnight: A Story of Crime and Punishment in Southwest Missouri," April 28, 2004

Kathleen A. Mahoney (Caritas Foundation), "The Future of Catholic Higher Education," May 2, 2005

Kevin Fitzgerald, S.J. (Georgetown University), "The Ethics of Stem Cell Research," September 22, 2006

Robert Louis Wilken (University of Virginia), "Early Christianity, Gnosticism and THE DA VINCI CODE," March 8, 2007

Michael Joncas (University of St. Thomas, MN), "The State of American Catholic Liturgical Music in the 21st Century," March 4, 2008

Terrence Dempsey, S.J. (Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, St. Louis University), "Creating a Religious Environment Through Contemporary Art and Architecture," November 15, 2010

Lloyd Baugh, S.J. (Pontifical Gregorianum University, Rome), "The African Face of Jesus in Film," March 24, 2011

Judith Rock (novelist, Sarasota, FL), "The Rhetoric of Mystery: God, Jesuits and 17th Century Paris," September 13, 2011

Thomas Madden (St. Louis University), “The Crusades in Myth and History,” September 17, 2013

John L. Allen, Jr. (Boston Globe), “The Global War on Christians: Anti-Christian Persecution in Today’s World,” February 24, 2015