Catholic Studies Faculty Grant Program

In keeping with its charge to promote discussion of Catholic ideas and issues at Rockhurst University, the Thomas More Center seeks to assist faculty members planning classroom projects or research on Catholic topics. The faculty grant program offers funds to offset the costs of travel and resources or to stipend faculty who need time to focus on research and planning efforts.

All full-time faculty at Rockhurst University and Research College of Nursing are eligible to apply for a Thomas More Center grant. The award may be combined with a Rockhurst Presidential Grant or any other award to offset the costs of projects dealing with Catholic topics.

Thomas More Center grants are awarded to faculty pursuing research or classroom projects dealing broadly with the Catholic tradition of thought and culture. There is no prescription regarding discipline or approach as long as the project addresses Catholic issues (broadly defined) in a serious, systematic manner. Examples of the types of projects that might be considered for the grant include planning for new courses on Catholic topics or revision of existing courses (addition of new units or modification of existing units); purchase of books and resources for classroom and/or research purposes; funds for travel or other expenses related to research on Catholic topics; stipends to allow faculty development in issues related to Catholic studies; and funds for attendance and participation in conferences or seminars dealing with Catholic issues or memberships in Catholic professional associations. The Thomas More Center committee will consider a wide variety of projects in its deliberations on grant proposals.

The Thomas More Center grant is awarded in the amount of $1000. Teams of two or more faculty may apply for a joint grant in the amount of $1000 per individual faculty.

Applicants should submit a grant proposal in the form of a narrative detailing the project, including a description of the aims, objectives, nature and timeframe of the proposed activity and any supporting materials. The proposal should also address the question, “how will this project enhance my own understanding or appreciation of Catholic issues, as well as that of my students and the entire Rockhurst community?” The proposal should be submitted to the Thomas More Center director, Rev. Mark Lewis, S.J., B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Hall 327, ext. 4556, The Catholic Studies Advisory Committee of the Thomas More Center will consider and act on each proposal. Recipients of the grant will be asked to submit a follow-up report on the progress of their project within one calendar year of the award.

Grant proposals should be submitted to the Center director on or before March 15.

For more information or to discuss your proposal, contact Fr. Lewis at the above address.