One of the most popular degrees offered by the Helzberg School of Management is the bachelor of science in business administration with a marketing area of concentration.

Consider This

 Knowing how to properly market a business is as critical to its success as a good business plan or proper accounting.

Strong, effective marketing techniques are a key part of the marketing curriculum taught at the Helzberg School of Management. Other topics include marketing research, policy, personal selling and management, promotional strategies and consumer behavior.

In the marketing capstone course, students integrate what they have learned to help them gain experience in planning strategies and finding creative solutions to marketing problems.

To assist students to better learn and comprehend the concepts of marketing, a variety of teaching techniques are used, among them: videos, case methods, individual and team projects, computer simulations, papers, and oral presentations.


Sales/management, retailing, industrial concerns, advertising, planning-research, brand-product management, and online marketing/e-commerce are just a few areas with marketing needs.

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