Biology Outreach

Science Knowledge Bowl
Every year, Rockhurst hosts the Department of Energy's Science Knowledge Bowl. Since 2001, teams of students - representing 54 schools form Missouri and Kansas - participate in the event. Students demonstrate their knowledge of subject matter trivia in chemistry, physics, biology, math, and computer science. Please contact us for more information.

visit the DOE National Science Bowl web site

Science Olympiad
Rockhurst has been involved in running the Science Olympiad competition, including hosting the competition every other year. During this event, high school students from Missouri and Kansas demonstrate their science experiments and knowledge for an audience of their peers, teachersm and future professors. Please contact us for more information.

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Association of College and University Biology Educators (A.C.U.B.E.)

Many Biology Department faculty members are members of ACUBE.  During the 1998 - 1999 and the 2009 - 2010 academic years, Rockhurst hosted the Association of College and University Biology Educators , drawing 110 Biology professors to the college for scholarly presentations. Our faculty remain active members of ACUBE.

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Badge Workshop for Girl Scouts
Faculty in Rockhurst's biology, physics and math departments, science majors, and freshmen interested in pursuing a major in science actively work with children in the community to promote scientific and mathematical learning, particularly for girls. Since 1991, over 13,000 Girls Scouts have earned their badges in Water Wonders, Ecology, Computer Fun, Math Whiz, Ms. Fix It and Aerospace, and many Brownies have earned their "Try-It" badges through workshops offered by our faculty.

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Missouri Academy of Sciences / Kansas Academy of Sciences
Rockhurst has hosted with University of Missouri-Kansas City a joint meeting of the Missouri and Kansas Academies of Science in April 2004.  Many of Rockhurst faculty are active in the Missouri Academy of Science.

Advanced Placement Program
Over the years, Rockhurst has been active in delivering courses to hundreds of high school students from neighboring school systems through our Advanced Placement Program.