Biology Facilities

The Rockhurst Department of Biology is housed on the second floor of the St. Ignatius Science Building. Built in 1996, the St. Ignatius Science Center contains state-of-the-art laboratories, lecture halls, offices and class rooms.

Our Facilities include:

Our lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with computer-linked projectors for multi-media presentations.

We have multiple well equipped teaching labs, several computer labs and a student/faculty research lab. In addition, new faculty and student research labs are being renovated in Sedgwick Hall.

Linda Hall Library
The Science Center is a five minute walk from Linda Hall Library, the sixth largest library of science and technology in the nation.

Molecular equipment
Our equipment for performing experiments and labs in molecular biology include a PCR thermocycler, DNA and protein electrophoreisis equipment with photodocumentation capabilities, micro, preparative and high speed centrifuges, a laminar flow hood and cell culture incubators.

Microscopy equipment
We have many light and dissecting microscopes available for student, faculty and lab use. We also have a phase-contrast microscope and a couple inverted microscopes.

Field opportunities
Rockhurst is within easy driving distance of many opportunities for field research and learning experiences.