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Borrowing from other libraries

1. MOBIUS Patron Initiated Borrowing

Rockhurst University is part of the MOBIUS consortium. Through this Missouri academic library consortium current employees and students may use their Rockhurst University ID/library card and unique campus ID number to checkout books by using the online catalog "Request" function.

2. MOBIUS Visiting Patron program

Rockhurst University employees and students may checkout books and other materials directly from MOBIUS libraries. No additional card is needed. This is known as Visiting Patron Borrowing. The employee or student must have their Rockhurst University ID card and their Unique Campus ID number with them to check out materials.

  • MOBIUS Library Request: Use this catalog link to search all MOBIUS libraries.

3. Non-MOBIUS Library requests: use these forms to request items not available in MOBIUS. 

Interlibrary loan : information about how to request materials that are not available at Rockhurst or at another MOBIUS library.
Articles : form to request an article not available full text at Greenlease Library
Books/audiocassettes : form to request a book or an audiocassette that cannot be located within a MOBIUS library


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