Library Space

Computer Lab
Please see the Computer Lab Policy concerning acceptable computer usage at the library.

The computer lab is located on the south end of mezzanine level of the library. The lab is reserved throughout the week for instruction classes given by library staff. When classes are not held the lab is open to students and employees of the university for use in accessing software applications, the internet, email, etc. As with all labs on the university campus, this lab is not open to the public. Computer Services maintains all of the equipment and software available in campus computer labs. If you have hardware or software problems in the lab please contact the Computer Services HelpDesk at 501-4357. Library staff is not responsible for operational problems of the computers. Paper for printer/copiers can be obtained from the Circulation Desk on the main floor of the library.

Study Areas
There are individual and group study areas within the building:

  • Main Floor: Individual study. Cell phone usage is allowed as long as other patrons are not disturbed.
  • Mezzanine and Basement Floors: Individual and Group Study. Cell phone usage is allowed as long as other patrons are not disturbed.
  • Top Floor: Individual Study only. This is designated quiet floor and no group study or cell phone usage is allowed.

Multi-media Room
Located on the Mezzanine level of the library, this room contains a TV, DVR and VCR for your viewing pleasure. There is enough space for approximately six people to view a VHS or DVD tape together. You will need to check-out the key to unlock/lock the room from the Circulation Desk on the Main floor of the library.