Message from the Director

Welcome to the Greenlease Library.  Whether you visit us virtually or in person, we want to make your visit a positive one.    We consider the library a dynamic environment where we strive to support the university’s Core Values:  Care for the Whole Person; Reflection and Discernment; Wisdom; Contemplation in Action; Magis and Finding God in All Things. 

To support student, faculty and staff learning experiences, the library collection provides a wide array of resources.  We continually add items to the library which support the undergraduate and graduate curriculums.  More information about how we choose items for the library collection can be found in our collection development policy.

The library staff has many years of experience with the rich resources of our collection and stays up-to-date with emerging technologies.  We hope that you not only take the opportunity to explore these resources on your own, but also utilize the expertise of the library staff to help you grow in your information literacy development.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.  We always say there is no “dumb” question…we have the depth of knowledge of our resources, and we are very willing to share this with library users!
If you have questions about donating to the library please refer to our Support the Library page .

We look forward to working with you and welcome any
comments  you may have regarding the library.

Laurie Hathman, MLS
Library Director