Pre-Arrival Information

 Pre-Arrival Checklist

  -Obtain valid passport and visa
  -Complete travel arrangements and notify the International Student Advisor if in need of special assistance
  -Complete the on-line housing application, along with deposit (if applicable)
  -Give family the International Student Advisor's address and phone number in case of emergency
  -Notify the International Student Advisor of your travel itinerary for emergency
  -Obtain your immunization information

Obtain a Visa

In order to apply for F-1, you must present the following documents at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate:

  -Passport valid for at least another six months past the date when you plan to begin your studies at Rockhurst University.
  -If your passport is about to expire, be sure to get a new one, or an extension, before applying for your visa.
  -INS Form I-20 issued by the school where you plan to attend.

Recent (less that a year old) documents indicating financial support, i.e., original bank letter(s) (if supported by private funding).

It is critical that you apply for your visa early as it can take several weeks or even months. Once approved, the visa is placed in your passport. Canadian students who enter from Canada are exempt from having to get a visa but must use the Form I-20 to enter the U.S. in F-1 student status and must obtain a Form I-94 clearly indicating F-1. If you have a valid B-1/2 visa (business/tourist visa) in your passport, do not use it for travel to the United States if your intention is to study.


If you enter the United States using an I-20 from Rockhurst University you are obligated to attend Rockhurst for at least 1 semester before you can transfer. If you enter on another school's I-20 you will need to attend that school for one semester before transferring to Rockhurst. Failure to follow these procedures is a violation of status and you may be required to apply to the INS for reinstatement.