Healthcare & Insurance

Required Immunizations and TB Testing
All newly enrolled or readmitted students at RU are required to comply with the Immunization/Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Policy. Please obtain copies of your immunization records demonstrating proof of vaccination for measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella. Please bring these records as they are required for all new students in certain risk categories.

*Students who do not comply with these requirements will not be allowed to register for their second semester.

Mandatory Insurance for International Students
Health care in the U.S. is a private system that is complex and expensive. To make sure that you are able to cover any medical expenses, RU requires that all international students purchase the insurance plan provided through the Rockhurst University. This plan provides excellent benefits for international students at a reasonable cost. All F-1 students will be charged on their RU student account when they enroll for any number of credit hours.

Health insurance offers protection against high U.S. medical expenses. It is also a convenient way for students from other countries to satisfy the legal requirement that all non-immigrants must show ability to meet all expenses and those of accompanying dependents.