Diversity Statement

Rockhurst University is committed to fostering a diverse community and to promoting greater awareness and sensitivity to issues of diversity. This effort is an important part of educating "men and women for others." The university is committed to the goal of freedom from discrimination and harassment in all its endeavors.

Rockhurst's Jesuit mission and values call for all members of the Rockhurst community to embrace a set of values that guide our behavior toward one another. These values affirm a commitment to providing personal care for every member of our community, and a sensitivity toward the dignity and sacredness of very person. They call on members of our community to demonstrate a realistic knowledge of the world, and to find God in all things and all people, particularly in the poor and oppressed.

Based on this mission and values, all members of the Rockhurst community are expected to demonstrate the highest standards in their interaction with people of all backgrounds. This requires a community that actively displays sensitivity to differences of race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion and disabilities among students, faculty, administrators and staff.

All members of the Rockhurst University community are expected to embrace these values and to foster an environment that contributes to the growth and development of each member of our community.