Core Curriculum

All undergraduate degree-seeking students will be required to complete the liberal core curriculum as part of their graduation requirements. The core curriculum includes required coursework from the Seven Classical Modes of Inquiry (art, history, literature, behavioral and natural sciences, philosophy, and theology); coursework focused on developing proficiencies in oral communication, written communication, and mathematics; and a global perspectives requirement.   

Students can track their progress toward completing the core by using the Proficiency & Core Requirements Worksheet (PDF) .

Rockhurst's core curriculum has been designed to reflect the Jesuit ideals of educating the whole person and nurturing a natural inquisitiveness that leads to life-long learning. Through studying the core curriculum, students develop not only fundamental intellectual skills, but also an awareness of their relationship to the world around them. These skills and awareness give Rockhurst graduates the necessary tools to act ethically and become leaders in the service of others.