Student/Faculty Videos

Dr. Mindy Walker
Assistant Professor of Biology

"I learn from my students every day. That's part of my teaching philosophy – that we never stop learning."

Cheryl McConnell
Professor of Accounting

"What I see with Rockhurst is a personal care for the student. It's big enough to offer the things that you need, but it's small enough that there's personal attention."

Charles Kovich
Professor of English

"Everything is connected. There is no one subject that isn't connected to another. We just haven't seen the connection yet. That's why we have to study and learn more."

Rebecca Saxton PhD, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing

"Technology has really helped make me available to students outside the classroom. Students have access to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I love being available to them when they need me."

Mary Pat Shelledy
Visiting Instructor of Education

"The mission has always been one that I have espoused. The learning, leadership, service is so important. Teachers are leaders more than they ever know that they can be. They impact the lives of students so much. And, of course, learning is very important. And education is a kind of service occupation."

Zdenka Guadarrama
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

"I decided that I wanted to be in place that actually valued a person who was interested in many very different things. At Rockhurst the expectations of scholarship include more work with students, and I was really excited about that because it's a more versatile environment."