Mission Office Staff

Ellen Spake, Ph.D.
Ellen came to the University in 1983 as the founding director of the physical therapy program. For the past 30 years Ellen has deepened her love for Rockhurst, embodied the core value of cura personalis (care of the whole person) and set the high standards for which the Physical Therapy Department is well known. In July 2011 Ellen became the second full-time mission officer for the University. To contact Ellen please call: 816-501-4597 or email: ellen.spake@rockhurst.edu.

Rev. William T. Oulvey, S.J.
Bill is a 1974 graduate in chemistry from then Rockhurst College. He entered the Society of Jesus that year and was ordained in 1985. For 10 years he taught chemistry and ministered for 11 years in Belize, in Central America. In October 2010 Bill became rector (superior) of the Jesuit Community at Rockhurst and joined the Office of Mission and Ministry. To contact Fr. Oulvey please call: 816-501-4599 or email: william.oulvey@rockhurst.edu.