Diversity Events in Kansas City

Multicultural Events and Sites around Kansas City – Are you interested in exploring the secrets of Kansas City’s multicultural communities? This site provides information regarding museums, restaurant and stores that promote diversity amongst the residents of Kansas City.

See also the Ethnic Enrichment Commission of Kansas City for events listings.

Diversity Events at Rockhurst University (2015-2016)

Film Series - Aug. 27 - Intouchables (The Untouchables)

Nostra Aetate - Sep. 3
This fall we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Second Vatican Council.  To mark this important event and to uniquely celebrate one of the gifts of the Council, Nostra Aetate, a ground-breaking document on the Catholic Church’s relationship with other faiths, Fr. Curran collaborated with the leaders of local Catholic colleges and universities to offer a daylong interfaith gathering featuring Eboo Patel, noted author, founder of Interfaith Youth Core and member of President Obama’s Council on Inter-Faith Neighborhood Partnerships.

Film Series
- Sep. 3 — La distancia más larga (The Longest Distance)

Film Series
- Sep. 17 — Sophie Scholl—Die letzten Tage (Sophie Scholl: The Final Days)

Visiting Scholar Series
- Oct. 1 – Ernesto Nieto “Latinos/Latinas and Leadership in the United States: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

Midwest Poets Series
- Oct. 29 – Claudia Rankie - exploring art, literature, race, and American culture.

World Cultures Day
- Oct. 15
World Cultures Day is a day to recognize Rockhurst University's international student, faculty and staff members and to celebrate diverse languages and cultures. Those from foreign countries as well as from the U.S. are encouraged to participate. Each table represents a different country or culture and displays items that show off interesting aspects of that country or culture.  Many participants provide food or snacks from their chosen country or culture.

Erase Hate
  - Nov. 2-4

  • Erase Hate Wall  – Construction of cinderblock wall, spray painted with hate words and demolished .
  • Esther Bauer (4/4)  – Holocaust survivor speaker. 500+ attendance

Diversity Committee Film – Speaking in Tongues – Nov. 11           

Beyond Words: A Tunnel Of Oppression
– Nov. 13
The Tunnel experience, presented by Residence Life, is a multimedia tour designed to challenge peoples’ ideas and perceptions of issues dealing with oppression in a series of rooms designed with interactive skits, multimedia videos, and role playing. This experience brings awareness to those who suffer, by encouraging its visitors to reflect upon the moral questions raised by situations dealing with hatred and ignorance.

Residence Life Residence Hall Programs on Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity Flag
  • Iron Chef – At The Poverty Line
  • Tie-Dyeversity
  • Diversity Loves Cupcakes

SEEK: Diwali Celebration – Nov. 18

World AIDS Day Bingo
– Dec. 1 –UNITY hosted an exciting late night game of BINGO as a fund raiser for KC Cares 

SEEK “Hands On” Interfaith discussion –
Dec. 1 

Student Inclusion Focus Groups –
2 focus groups were held to gather students input on campus inclusivity 

Martin Luther King Day or Service
– Jan. 19 – Beginning with a multi-faith prayer service before engaging in service across the Kansas City area.

May I Take You To Lunch
-  Inclusion Focus – a series of 8 lunches (cohosted by the Diversity Committee and Mission and Ministry) which gathered data  through conversations regarding campus inclusivity. Participants were from a cross section of campus including volunteers from students, faculty, and staff..

Student Inclusion Focus Groups
– An additional four student focus groups were held to continue to gather data on the student perspective of inclusivity on our campus.

Faculty Staff Inclusion Focus Groups
– A series of four faculty/staff focus groups were held to gather data on the faculty/staff perspective of inclusiveness on our campus.

First Sunday of Lent, #Pope2Border Solidary Mass
– Feb. 14

SEEK Scripture Jam
– Jan. 17

Interfaith Panel
– Feb. 24

Building A Better Rockhurst Week
– Feb. 22 - 25

  • Oath of Inclusion
  • Ian Bautista – Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative – Key Note Speaker
  • Giving Back on a Limited Budget
  • Cross the Line
  • Fair Trade
  • The Heart of Diversity
  • Alphabet Soup

Day of Silence - Apr. 22 – UNITY – The Day of Silence is a national youth movement standing up against the silence faced by gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender people, and their allies. By taking a 9 hour vow of silence Rockhurst community members protest the silence which is caused by harassment, prejudice and discrimination. A silence breaking activity is held at the end of the vow. At this time students, faculty, and staff who have participated in the Day of Silence will gather and ‘break the silence’ by sharing, at will, their experiences of the day, and how they were impacted by the silence. 

Film Series
– Mar. 2 — Primary Colors

RA Development Workshop
– White Privilege – 3/4

Visiting Scholar Series
– Mar. 7 – Modern Slavery, the New Slave Narrative, and Post – 9/11 Crusade Politics”

Film Series
– Mar. 9 – Harvest of Empire: The untold Story of Latinos in America

Intefaith Refugee Panel
– Mar. 31 – Hosted by SEEK and VOICES for Justice

Yom HaShoah
– Apr. 18

Laudato Si Discussion
– Apr. 20

– Apr. 19 – UNITY Week Film – Story of Harvey Milk

Tanner Colby
- Apr. 18 – Discusses his book “Some of my best friends are black” with Lewis Diuguid moderating

Identity Panel
– Apr. 21 – UNITY Week Panel of students, alum, and community members discussing intersecting identities

– Why is Interfaith Dialogue Important? - May 3