The Diversity Committee helps support endeavors enabling Rockhurst University to embrace the many aspects of diversity, including the acknowledgment and appreciation of differences, understanding the interdependence of cultures and the environment, and building alliances for inclusion and social justice. Diversity is imbedded in Rockhurst's Jesuit mission emphasizing social justice and is vital for the success of our institution.

The work of the committee is supported by a vast body of knowledge demonstrating that diversity strengthens college campuses by enhancing learning, personal development, and preparation of students for functioning in a diverse world.

Rockhurst's commitment to enhancing diversity efforts can be found in our Strategic Plan [link], in Strategic Direction 5 (organize, integrate, and implement ongoing and new educational programming for all constituents regarding issues of diversity, multiculturalism, global perspectives, economic inequality, and justice) and Strategic Direction 11 (recruit and support a more diverse university community).  The committee's roles include:

  • Assessing the multiple aspects of diversity within the Rockhurst community;
    Evaluating curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students and faculty, and staff development needs, Identifying areas of support for first generation students;
  • Sharing assessment information with students, staff, faculty, and administration;
  • Garnering support for diversity resources, as needed, Working collaboratively with the Center for Multicultural Affairs and Global Perspectives, and providing appropriate diversity opportunities to meet the needs of the Rockhurst community.

Quotes from past and current committee members

Lisa (Biology professor and committee member): “In the Diversity committee, we strive to exemplify Rockhurst's mission of social justice and care for the whole person.  Being on the committee has allowed me to increase my commitment to our mission, increase my knowledge and sensitivity in the area of cultural issues, interact with wonderful people from across the campus, experience the notion that diversity of culture and thought within groups leads to great accomplishments, and have fun.”

Coach O’Connor (Men’s basketball coach and committee member): “In the limited work with the committee that I have experienced during the last 4 semesters, the need for the committee and its objectives became very apparent. Rockhurst University is a very fine institution of learning that must by its very nature continue to diversify itself, and expand its shadow of a learning  even wider.  Diversity and learning  go hand in hand.”

Alexis (Psychology major and former committee member): “Being a part of the Diversity committee has given me the chance to make a positive impact on campus and offer a new take on fulfilling our motto "Learning, Leadership and Service in the Jesuit tradition" by bringing in different world perspectives to enhance our Jesuit traditions. I have learned a lot from being on the committee and have created many memories that will last a lifetime!”

Melody (Biochemistry major and committee member): "Being a part of the Diversity Committee and other multicultural organizations has helped me to stay balanced in my collegiate experience. I knew that coming to Rockhurst would be a different environment from anything that I have ever experienced but being apart of these organizations has helped me to stay grounded and work with many others that may not be exactly like me but have the same desire to contribute something special to the culture of Rockhurst."

Madiha (Occupational Therapy graduate student and former committee member): "As a student member of the Rockhurst Diversity Committee, I have been given the chance to work with so many fellow students, faculty, and staff. Together we have the opportunity to organize and host events to increase awareness on many diverse issues. My work with the committee has also allowed me to further develop and strengthen leadership skills that will benefit me as a future Occupational Therapist."